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Feeling very scared

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I am a survivor of stage 1 colon cancer since 2007. It'll be 14 years in November. And now, a CT scan has shown a large mass on my pancreas. Tumor markers for colon and pancreas are very elevated. my PET scan is scheduled for this coming Monday, and a biopsy will follow shortly after that.

Trying not to hit the panic button, but i'm scared to death. It looks like my liver is involved, as well. It's like a black cloud of doom hanging overy my head. 

Any encouraging words would be appreciated!


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I saw this....A wide spectrum of benign and malignant diseases can produce a mass in the head of the pancreas. It can be solid (ductal adenocarcinoma, chronic pancreatitis, endocrine tumor) or a cystic lesion (cystic neoplasm, true cyst or pseudocyst). The most important question is whether or not it is a malignant or benign tumor.What are your symptoms, if any?


Pancreatic cancer appears differently, depending on which part of the pancreas the tumor is in, whether the “head” or the “tail.” Tumors at the tail end are more likely to result in pain and weight loss. At the other end, head tumors cause fatty stools, weight loss, and jaundice.


I hope you are negative and maybe this has helped you to know you can have a mass and it not be cancer. Good Luck! 

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Yes, I am aware that it could be something benign, and that is my prayer. I've been having abdominal and back pain, along with some nausea.

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Hope you had good and definitive results from the PET scan and biopsy. Good thoughts and prayers for you.

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Hello Tootsie! I'm eager to know how you are doing and the results of your diagnostics? Embarassed

Big Truth
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I just recently found a great resource that may help you face the future with less fear.  It is a book called Radical Remission by Kelly A. Turner, Ph.D.  This author provides a wealth of information and techniques that Western medicine has barely explored but has been used for centuries with incredible results.


While there is far too much information to mention everything here, you may certainly want to explore changes to your diet and connecting/reconnecting with your spirituality.  Always look for the positivity and joy that surrounds each of us and thank God for each day.

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