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CML and reoccurring resistance to TKIs

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Hello everyone,


I was diagnosed in 2019 and have failed to get my BCR ABL1 to 0.1. I started on Imatinib and then a standard dose of Sprycel. I'm currently on a high dose of sprycel, but my numbers are going up. I was tested for any additional mutations in 2020 (no new mutations or explanations for resistance) and just had the test redone (waiting on results). Depending on what we find I may be switched to Nilotinib. My oncologist has given me until the end of the year before refering me to Stanford or a different health system. I've been taking my medication as prescribed (at the same time daily) and following all diatery restrictions. I'm 26 and female, has this happened to anyone else? How did Nilotinib go for you?



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