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My husband is having to start this next week and will be doing this one week with carboplatin and then another two weeks with just Gemzar.  He will have one week off and then start the whole thing again.  In 3 weeks, his tumor markers went up from 2.7 to 3.3.  This was while he was on chemo.  I am concerned because he hasn't had chemo (avastin) in 6 weeks (waiting for test results before starting new treatment) and there is no telling how high they will be now.  

My question is this: has anyone on here had this treatment course and how did it work?  How bad were the side effects?

Thank you in advance.


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    Hi LunaLady, sorry I don't

    Hi LunaLady, sorry I don't have any specific feedback, just to let you know praying fo your husband and for you!