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Lung metastasis

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Haven't done an original post since this started. I will update with most recent since I have posted my treatment side effects on other posts. I also searched through old postings on this subject but didn't find what I was looking for. Here goes.

Had surgery for stage 3C2, G3 endometrial adenocarcinoma on 1 Dec 2020. Nothing particularly good came from that pathology report since the found cancer in my left para aortic lymph nodes. These lymph nodes did not indicate cancer in CT scan on 21 Nov. That scan also showed some small bilateral pulmonary nodules with largest being 6 mm. My doctor said they were too small at that point to determine anything and we would keep an eye on them.

I completed my 6 rounds of chemo--taxal/carboplatin on 30 March. Awaiting start of radiation on 3 May. But I think that has changed with the results of the CT scan on 16 April which showed an increased number of pulmonary nodules as well as growth in existing nodules. For example a 1mm nodule has grown to 9x7 mm. Nodules are both right and left, upper and lower lungs. Wonderful. Of course it is Saturday and I think I'm reading these results before my doctor has. Part of the risk you take with this program. At least I get all the test results quickly. So I think my radiation may take n a different area.

Another set of data points and I don't know if anyone else has experienced these. Pathology after surgery indicated micro-satellite instability so we did testing for Lynch. The M1H1 methylation came back positive so not genetic. But I have also read that MSI positive plus M1H1 methylation leads to chemotherapy-proof cancer cells. I can't repeat all the medical reasons for it but it has to do with proteins, etc. BUT, according to my sister who is a medical researcher for bio-patents, recent immunotherapy treatment has completed clinical trials. She said it described my precise situation and why the cells in the lungs continued growing quite rapidly through chemo.

I obviously need to wait to talk to my doctor and figure out our way ahead but I intend to ask about this. Anyone else heard or experienced this combination of indicators? Oh and one other joy the CT scan revealed is damage to my left ureter which substantially narrowed it and explains two things--my two episodes of severe pain in the lower left abdomen that left me nauseous and the high blood pressure I have developed since surgery. At my 3 month check on 12 April my initial BP was 188/89--stroke range! I want to visit my primary care physician that afternoon and it was 172/82. Cripes. Ended up with BP meds--amlodipine 5 mg. My BP had been trending in the 150s during infusion but it was low enough to start the drugs so it never came up as an issue. I figured I'd address it after chemo. So we are.

Cheers to all you ladies fighting this beast. Medicine is changing rapidly and hope is out there.


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