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Here's an odd news story

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Go figure, crazy!

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I sent this news story to those I know suffering and who have suffered through this terrible disease. Thank you for sharing. Could you imagine??? Funny how the article eludes to doctors saying "but don't go get covid! please don't!"! Anyway, thanks again for sharing. Was a good read.

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Well, I believe they tell cancer patients not to get it because they die from it more often than having it make their tumors disappear.

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Spontaneous remission can happen.  Who knows if COIVD triggered it, would be worth looking at.  A modified polio virus has been used for brain tumors.   Looks like the are doing more studies on that  (story here.)

There are other things from COVID which may apply to other diseases, including cancer.  Handling Cytokine Storms and the methods in the vaccine are some points I have read about which may be able to help.  

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Mhmm, keeping cytokines from running away is so important with cancer as with covid too.  I also read in a study patients who have had a fever at least once a yr did better beating cancer.  Sounds off the wall but Hey I might try inducing it sometime by finding a sweat lodge out west :)

I take a med for preventing a recurrence that they are using for covid.  Ivermection would be a better choice I think but good luck getting a doc to prescribe it, smh!

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