My annual scans (2 1/2 years post-surgery)

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Scanxiety comes at me in such strange ways. I didn't feel scared or nervous about this year's scans, but worry definitely crept back into my head. Last week I had a restless night where all I dreamt all night about non-stop doctor's visits and medical procedures. ALL NIGHT. 

This week I went in for my scans. My MRI went really smoothly. I hate getting in that machine, but this time I was able to do it without having to take an Ativan. Maybe I'm just more experienced at it? Or maybe I've just figured out how to make myself more comfortable in there, craning my neck slightly so I can see out the back of the tube. Spent the time inside daydreaming, then treated myself to a nice Starbucks afterwards. 

As for the results, well here's the most important part to know about me-




Wait. Crud. Not that part. 

This is the one-





Love you guys. Please stay safe out there! 


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    Eug...I'm so happy for you!

    Eug...I'm so happy for you! You got this! Congrats.

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    Good job!

    Good job!Wink

  • Bay Area Guy
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    Good news eug.

    Good news eug.

    Well, not the unremarkable part.  Good news and good humor to start the day.

  • Mmoses25
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    Great news

    I'm so happy for you now enjoy your Starbucks 

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    Great news Eugene

    Thanks for your continued support and encouragement. Wishing you continual NED.

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    That is amazing news!! Congratulations!!

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    Congratulations! Didn't know

    Congratulations! Didn't know CT scan gives you that "remarkable" result! :)


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    Great news!

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    Congrats. So happy for you

    Congrats. So happy for you Eugene. 

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    Congratulations!  Cool humor,

    Congratulations!  Cool humor, LOVED IT!!!! :-)  Please forgive them for it, they gave you NED news :-)