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How long does it take to recover from a radical nephrectomy (left kidney removed) ? I have a 12 inch scar and my stomach is still numb 7 mths later! I often have inflammation internally. I was just wondering if this is normal 7 mths after surgery? 


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    14 inch

    I have a 14 inch scar from my partial surgery it's been a year and I still wake up with pain on that side 

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    I have a couple to compare it with'

    A Neph at age 59 in 2002 done Lapo.

    A Prostate done with a Robot at age 76.

    A gallcladder done open 3 months later on New Year's Eve.


    Of the 3 the Neph was the toughest reconery, but I did go water-skiing 11 months later.








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    Tincture of Time

    The incision should be healed in about 6 weeks.  After that time you should have been doing moderate exercise to strenthen the core muscles.  The rule of thumb on time for that is for every day you don't excercise: it takes three days to return to the level you were when you stopped.  So if you don't do anything for 6 weeks, it takes another 18 + weeks to return to pre-surgery strength.

    The incision may be tender for a year or so and be itchy (mine still itches at times and it's been 15 years).  Numbness is typical, as nerves may have been injured during the process.  Internal Inflammation is not normal; contact the surgeon or your follow-up PC.  Inflammation usually indicates an infection, and you need to get an answer ASAP.

    Other than that, your body just has to heal at it's own speed. Drink plenty of water (not sugary fluids), walk/exercise, eat a healthy diet, and try to enjoy the good things.

    Hugs to ya'all,