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Sad news - our dear Abbycat2

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Ladies, and especially for those who have been fortunate to be around a few years, I have some sad news to share.  

We have lost our dear Abbycat2, Cathy.  Below is her picture from her profile here on CSN. 

I had been in touch with her over all the years, having had the chance to meet her when she came through Indiana in 2018. 

For those that are interested in sharing anything with her family, please PM and I will give you the link.

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 Sorry all, I keep trying to post her beautiful smiling face.

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I was wondering about her, also I believe that Evolo58 might have passed away as well. I miss everyone of our ladies who have passed away and think of them almost everyday. The sad news that folks have died is devastating, and in the almost three years I have been here we have lost so many. Balanced by that are the survival stories, which we have many as well. I am a survival story, coming up on my 3rd anniversary and in that short of time things have changed, too. I am going to Mayo next Monday for my 6 month checkup and hope that all is well. The 3rd anniversary of my surgery is July, 2021. Reflecting upon the last three years is nothing short of amazing as well as horrifying. I have received my 2nd Moderna shot and went to the grocery store for the 1st time in a year last week. My kids are either half or totally vaccinated. We lost my brother last November to Covid but everyone else has survived. As did I. We sadly had to put down our beloved dog, Willie, aged 17, in Feb, who was my constant companion and source of warmth and hugs. We shed a tear everyday missing him. I am so sad about our losses as we feel them so deeply but know that it is a part of life, however painful. I have much to look forward to, my granddaughter is 3 1/2, grandson whom we almost lost in childbirth is a Covid era baby, having been born in June, 2020, but is thriving, happy, and much loved. I only just hugged him for the first time after being vaccinated, recently. We will get through this Covid to the other side and being reunited with family is 100% a huge boost to my outlook.



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Oh, I'm so sad to hear this. It feels like we've lost so many recently. It was helpful to see your reminder, BluebirdOne, that so many of us are still here.

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Thanks for posting this, No Time for Cancer. Cathy was diagnosed just a couple of months before me back in 2014. We were both UPSC stage III. I always followed her lead and she always gave me hope. When I recurred last August I noticed she was no longer posting. As I'm struggling with this recurrence but doing ok right now, I find it terribly sad she is gone. She always had such a positive attitude and I know she gave hope to many of us. Sending prayers to her family.

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I'm sorry to hear that Abbycat2 passed away. While she hadn't been active on the board recently, she was an active participant for several years and very generous with her time and support to others. She'll be missed.

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I'm so sorry to hear about Cathy. She thought she had beat that d*mn UPSC!! It is so sneaky, showing up many years after most cancers would be considered cured. Rest in peace, sweet Cathy.



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I am so sorry to hear about Abbycat and Evolo. Condolences to their families and friends. I miss all the wonderful ladies who shared their stories with us. Thanks for the reminder of the survivors, BlueBird. I needed to hear that. Please stay safe everyone. 

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Thanks for letting us know about AbbyCat, NoTime. So sorry to hear this. I always assumed she was still swimming and doing well and just moved on from our board.

RIP sweet Cathy. I hope your family and friends will find comfort in their loving memories of you.

Love and Hugs,


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I'm so sorry to hear this news. Her profile pic always made me smile. I know evolv58 hasn't been on in awhile either so I have wondered about her as well. We have lost so many wonderful ladies over the time I have been here. 

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I will miss her.  RIP warrior.   Cathy was active when I first joined too, and I always appreciated her spirit.  It is sad we have lost so many recently. But we are here too, I with Bluebird am 3 years out (almost).  

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trouble wrapping my mind around this.  Abbycat took some lengthy breaks but always returned so I figured that was the case and  we would hear from her soon.  I felt a real connection to her.  

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I will miss seeing Abbycat's smiling face when she would pop in and post from time to time.  I was not aware that things were not going well for her.  My sincere condolences to her family and friends during this most difficult time. 

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Just a quick note:  Things changed quickly.  She had been enjoying life and her swimming for a long time.  Hugs everyone

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I always was sure to read Cathy's posts.  She was so positive and supportive and provided useful info.  I can't remember her diagnosis, and her profile (if she had done one), I think, must be a casualty of CSN's crash awhile back.  I had drawn the inference from her last posts that she was kind of bowing out to focus her energy on enjoying her life.  That is a personal triumph that isn't so easy for those who have recurrent disease.  I admired her resolve and strength of character.  Rest easy Cathy.  Sincere condolences to her loved ones.  Best wishes, Oldbeauty

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When we learn about one of our members passing, I add them to the Tribute Page, along with a link to the member's profile, original diagnosis and a link to the page(s) that notifies us. However, not everyone adds information to the profile, so it may only show the date the member joined and the date of last post. You can always access the Tribute Page through the link in the FAQ topic at the top of this board.

If you'd like to review posts made by a particular member, see the section entitled "Searching Past Posts from Other Members" in the FAQ for further instructions.

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