CT Scan coming up

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on Tuesday, follow up dr. Appt on Thursday. This us to check and see if the spot on my pancreas has grown at all. Thanks in advance for your goid wishes and prayers!


  • eug91
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    prayers on their way-

    We're with you. You got this, Deanie. 

  • Allochka
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    Keeping fingers crossed!

    Keeping fingers crossed!

  • lobbyist0724
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    Sending prayers to you and

    Sending prayers to you and wish everything is stable!

  • donna_lee
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    Hopefully, it's just spots

    Like mine.  Then you can play connect the dots. :)

    Good Luck and Air hugs,


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    Best wishes for a great

    Best wishes for a great outcome.

  • Mmoses25
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    Sending prayers

    Your in my prayers

  • Biner
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    i wish you best

    I'm one year over next scan 6 months hope we every one will ned 

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    Sending good wishes

    And prayers

  • stub1969
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    You got it!

    I'll be thinking of you and adding you to my prayers.


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    goid wishes and prayers

    Hi Deanie - I don't know if that was a typo about "gold" wishes and prayers but it sure sounds appropriate. You have them both, and may your results be golden as well. Take care -

  • Deanie0916
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    Thanks everybody for your support

    The spot is the same size so watching for another 6 months. I appreciate each one of you.

  • Canadian Sandy
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    So happy it hasn't changed...

    So happy it hasn't changed.....fingers crossed it stays that way.