One year

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The first of April will be my one year scan why is it when scans get close you start feeling all these pains then after scans they all go away


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    mind games

    IMO one of the biggest challenges of this journey is the games the mind plays.  Try to keep busy and reassure yourself that things will be just fine.  Another way to look at scans is as premaintenance.  Foxhd was a member on this board for many years--he always said, scans can save your life.   It's a mind shift, but that advice really helped me.

    Wishing you the best!


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    Scanxiety lessens over time,

    Scanxiety lessens over time, but it never truly goes away.  I had my four year scan last June.  The scanxiety Was there, but just a little.  There was more anxiety from it being the first time in a medical setting since the onset of the virus.

    You'll do great.

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    Thank you

    Thanks for the advice

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    I think we all experience it

    I agree a good way to think of it as a lifesaving tool!

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    scanxiety is real

    And yes to everything Stub wrote above. All aches and pains are reminders to take care of ourselves. Just keep up to date with your follow-ups - it's the best thing to do. 

    You're gonna do great!