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So I started the chemo for the lung cancer, and lucky me, I've experienced almost every side effect possible.  The worst of which is that I am losing my hair. It's started to come out in clumps, so tomorrow is "Shave Anne's head day". I've been pretty upbeat through the whole rectal cancer treatments and surgery. I kept my sense of humour through that and the removal of part of my left lung.  I CAN NOT find anything funny in losing my hair. It's the one and only thing I'm vain about and now I'm going to be bald for Lord knows how long. People staring at me in stores either laughing or feeling sorry for me... I don't think I can take it. 

I'm shedding like a dog and depressed...


Thanks for listening..


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    Laughing - NOT!

    People will NOT be laughing at you.  Feeling sorry, yes, and that can get very trying, very tiring. 

    I got my husband to shave my head, and it was quite freeing. I no longer looked like Gollum, and that had to be an improvement. 

    I decided I was NOT going to wear a hat everywhere; though I surely did when I was out in the sunshine, as the sun can be dangerous for the skin, especially during radiation.   

    It is OK to feel discouraged, though you have to stop there and not let it take over. 

    You will get over it, you know that of course. And you have to get over it. OWN IT, is what I say. Rock it! Tell yourself that you are going to look fantastic. Then, look forward to the day it starts growing back. It will grow back. 

    I know there are two schools of thought, here on the forum. I'm in the 'attitude can take you a long way' school. 

    So yes, be discouraged. It hurts when you see wads of your hair in the bath. It hurts when you peel it off your clothes. It is not an easy stage. 

    Cyber hugs! 


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    I know the feeling but..

    Anne, you can do this! this is the second time my husband has shaved off my hair before it started to fall in clumps. I found that seeing it fall everywhere was much worse. It will liberate you, and we are in this with you.

    Yes you can!

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    Sorry you are feeling so down about his, but can totally understand your fear and disappointment.  Many on here have lost their hair and some say it comes back even better.  Look to the day when your treatment will end and it starts growing back again.  I've heard the ACS gives a discount towards wigs so you might want to check into that if you don't feel comfortable going without a hat.  You will get through it.


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    The days of people laughing or making fun of chemo hair loss are done. Most people see it as a sign of a person fighting, not giving up. We are about to start chemo and probably will face it too. It is discouraging but it is a sign of your bringing the fight to the cancer. Your hair loss may get the attention of someone who needs to be screened and be the turning point for them to finally have that colonoscopy or get that symptom checked. You will never know if suffering without your hair may have made a difference to another person, but it is OK to assume it will and that some good will come from it. My thoughts for what its worth.

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    I hate that you are losing

    I hate that you are losing your hair.  It is a deep sensitive personal thing for sure.  People surely to goodness would not stare, laugh or even snicker the tiniest bit.  If they do let them have it!

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    Ok, it's done...

    My head is now shaved. I'm over it... It's just hair and it will grow back.... But LAWD I am an ugly bald woman..  LOL

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    Ugly bald woman....

    No such thing!

    In fact, I'd love to see a picture of you bald. I bet you look fantastic! OK, you might not feel it, but thats what you need to tell yourself. 

    Here, this picture is taken right after my husband shaved my head 


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    Hair Loss

    You ladies are beautiful.  Us men lose our hair permanently.

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    My wife is starting to loose her hair...


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    DanNH said:


    My wife is starting to loose her hair...


    I lost my hair. You can see

    I lost my hair. You can see in the photo how much hair I had. I was devastated. I am still devastated, but wouldn't change as being alive is worth it.

    Hopefully, she won't lose a lot. I was on Folfox for almost 2 years. Lost a little hair but not enough that anyone could tell. I lost my hair on the treatment I am on now.

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    I felt the same way as you at

    I felt the same way as you at first. Then I grew to love my head covering. It also kept my head warm and no messing with hair before I went out. Thought I would be self conscious and it really didn't bother my to much. It grew back thicker which made me happy! I wanted the curls but no luck. lol  it also grew back dark brown.  I wasn't gray prior and it stayed that way.I'll be 80 this year! You can do this Anne.