Great Update 10 years later anaplastic astrocytoma

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When my sister was diagnosed in 2011 with an anaplastic astrocytoma, I must have read every single piece of scientific article and testimony from people surviving, ane surviving well. 

I am a little early, but my sister has been doing great. It has been 10 years since both surgeries, chemo, radiation.  She is right now skiing in Park City (fully vaccinated). No neuro déficits. 
Don't loose hope. Life can be normal after such a devastating diagnosis.


I don't post often now. But you can look up my past posts  to read about our journey. 



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    Here is to many more years to come and may the Lord bless me with 10+ years as well!!! 

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    So had my 1st follow-up MRI

    So had my 1st follow-up MRI Monday, my neurosurgeon is very happy with the results! No new tumors or regrowth! Praise the Lord! Amen ?

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    good luck

    wish you good luck