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Pet scan results rescheduled is this bad news

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I was suppose to get my pet scan results today after 6 cycles of chemo for non Hodgkin lymphoma after 3rd cycle mass went from 10cm to 7 I did another 3 rounds ended Jan 1 I was supposed to get my results today but Dr reschuled said she had to talk to tumor board is this bad news I can't sleep

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"mass went from 10cm to 7" It is good to read that over and over. Now, as to the tumor board, are you certain that she addressed them regarding your case? If it was your case, it may have been regarding an even more effective treatment, or perhaps a clinical trial. It could be that the tumor is not behaving as expected, indicating that they may be reviewing the pathology. Some lymphomas are diabolically hard to properly diagnose and mistakes are made by seasoned pathologists. There are volumes which could be spoken about this, but let's wait to see how your fight is going and what exactly you are fighting. In the meantime, maybe call about a short-term sleep aid. You have to sleep. 

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A good single malt Scotch works but sometimes you wake up early. A good day trout fishing can also help. LOL  But seriously therearea lot of sleep aids available. I just don't like to take them except as a last resort. You might ask your doctor for Ambien.

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