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Hi, all - new here/beginning Checkmate 914 shortly

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Hello, ali-

I'm glad to see this forum exists.

I learned about my cancer when I peed a whole lot of blood in early January.  There had been clues for about 10 months but the doctors chalked it up to depression (covid, partial retirement).

Anyway, the scan they took while I was in the ER revealed a 10cm growth on the kidney that extended into the renal vein, inferior vena cava, and up into my left ventricle.

Result - about a month ago I spent 10 hours in surgery while urology and heart surgeons got it all out.  Apparently this is quite the surgical procedure as both surgeons pronounced their work as top 3 in their careers.

The good news is that "the edges are clean."  The bad news - 50% chance of recurrence.  I'm feeling good except for discomfort where the kidney used to be when I move the wrong way (like turning in bed!)

My urologist and oncologist suggested that I enroll for Checkmate 914 as I fit the profile (stage 3, recent surgery, otherwise ok).  Only 25% chance of placebo.  I did the baseline scans and blood work on Monday and begin the treatment on March 8th.

I'm curious to hear from anyone here about your experience in the Checkmate 914 trial.  I'll keep you posted about mine.

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Bay Area Guy
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Haven't gone through any clinical trials, but I wanted to wish you the best of luck for the future.

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Mighty Frog
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Hi! Michael! 

There is a member here name Manufred, he had a very successful with Checkmate 214 trial. But I'm not sure whether is it the same between 214 and 914 or yours is an updated of 214. U can find and contact him. 

At the moment, wishing you all the BEST..... Be strong

Mighty Frog



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for kidney cancer. You might check out Smart Patients forum I think I've seen some conversations there. Best of luck to you as you recover and press on! 

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Unhappy about the cancer and surgery-Glad they caught it.  I'm amazed they still called it Stage 3 with the places it traveled.  No experience with the drug, but the soreness is common.

Mine was Stage 4, had mets to the liver and set of nodes, and they also checked the gall bladder because of questions about liver.  The degree of surgery in the abdomen and under the rib cage is enough to make you extremely sore.  All the muscles, tissues, and omentum have to be cut, spread apart, "pawed through", cut & clamped, and then stitched back together.  Give yourself some more time to heal.  But it's not fun when you need to turn over and the body doesn't go willingly.

Patience.  Distant Hugs.


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I 3 stage also 3 grade,was offered checkmate and after 2 opinion i declined.You can look in this forum Martin@ somethin like that,he is from Holland and was on trial 914,and unfortanaly with bad side effects drug destroyed his adrenal glands,now he needs take drug for whole life(( 

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