Not News I Wanted...Plans Have Changed In A Big Way

This is not a post I ever wanted make but have to before I lose to ability. I was driving and talking with brother today and my speech slurred. I immediately pulled over, hung up on him and dialed 911 ..Long story short, after a trip to the ER, I learned I have a pretty big lesion on my brain. The swelling is causing the symptoms. Hawaii is off the table. The doctor that my youngest daughter works for in SC is over the Hospice Foundation for SC so I have decided to go home with her this week and my oldest daughter is taking a leave of abscence. I didn't want to linger in this in life,  but I try trust life has a way of unfolding this as it should. I will surrounded my family which is a gift and comfort. I don't know if I have two weeks or two months but I don't think it be long. I want all of you here to reach for the love and light and do what you need to do to find peace on your journey ...Cancer way around saying thought, lol( and a few other choice words under my breath) I can never express how much of a blessing and gift all of you have been to me. I am instructing my daughter to post here when I leave this life. Typing this little snip has been a struggle so I really don't think I have long before my ability to communicate will further deterioate. I would do nothing different if I had the chance to change my decision opting of not continuing conventional treatments. Life is a beautiful gift no matter what your own "scene" may  be at the moment. This all shall come to pass and the sun will come up in morning and birds will still be singing their songs. Get up and catch a sunrise every chance you can....I hope to be just over the rainbow is the distance praying and pulling for each of you to be living your best life ..."run with life like you stole it"  Much love always and biggest hug always and EVER....Mojo










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    I am so sorry and am greatly

    I am so sorry and am greatly saddened by this news. I am happy that you have two wonderful daughters to be with you. 

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    Heartbreaking news

    This is heartbreaking and I am so sorry all I can say is I will be praying for you and thank you for your words of wisdom .

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    It is a testament to the

    It is a testament to the goodness in you that you have let us know. I am so appreciative of the words we shared.

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    It has been such a gift to

    It has been such a gift to meet you . Thank You.

    Godspeed for this part of your journey of love & light.

    Sending you love & prayers 

    kia kaha 

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    I am so sorry Mojo

    I am sorry to see this news.  

    All my thoughts are with you.

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    You will be missed...

    Oh Mojo, as I sit here with tears running down my face I have no way to express the sorrow that I feel.  I've been a fan of yours since the start of my journey on this forum. I am honoured that in some small way I got to "meet" you, and I will think of you often with a smile on my face. Your FU attitude was much appreciated. I hope you know that Heaven will be much more beautiful than Hawaii ever could be. Go with peace my friend.

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    You go out with a Bang, my friend

    I am happy that you have experienced good times this past year. I am happy you had your trip to Hawaii. I am happy that you have your beautiful family beside you. I am happy to have called you friend.

    Now, I am crying because my heart does hurt for you, and especially your children who have already lost so much.  Not that they lose you, as such, because no matter what, you will always be with them. 

    Go in peace, my friend. Go and be with your lovely husband.  Why you shoud both be taken by this awful disease is a question none of us will ever get answered. 

    I wish you a peaceful end, in the arms of those you love and who love you. 



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    My heart is broken.

    Oh Mojo i am crushed to hear this news....your spirit is so sweet and pure and an inspiration to live life fully and on your own terms..may your time remaining here be full of love an light , will be thinking of you and praying for you. 

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    I'm heart is so sad to hear

    I'm heart is so sad to hear this.  I know God and your husband are close to you right now, and after you leave this earth they will be there to hug and guide you.

    "I am a spark from the infinite.

    I am not flesh and bones.

    I am light."

    -Paramahansa Yogananda

    God bless you.

    With love,



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    I am so sad to read this

    I was always so happy to see your positive updates, and even with this terrible news your attitude is still positive. You will never be forgotten here, my thoughts and love to you and your family. 

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    Mojo, the situation is heartbreaking, but thank you for letting us know and for sharing your kind words and inspiration.

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    Thank you

    Thank you for being so open and honest and strong. My thoughts are with you and your family. 

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    I'm so sorry

    Awwww, my heart goes out to you and what you are going through right now, but I'm glad that you have your family with you at this time.  You have been through so much and you have always embraced whatever has come your way with much fortitude and grace.  You are in my thoughts and prayers for you going to your place of peace.  You are such a great asset and inspiration on this board. 


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    My heart goes out to you.

    My heart goes out to you. Thank you for your upbeat attitude and dreams.....prayers sent your way.

  • Tueffel
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    Just no

    I still cant believe what I read. I imagined you already getting a tan from Hawaian sun. It is not fair that you wont get it now. 

    I wish you a peaceful painless journey to the other side and I am sending prayers to you and your daughters. 

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    How awful

    I pray the comes easy for you!

  • Tom M.
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    Bless you

    I have you in my prayers. We don't write the script, we just act it out. It's people like you that help us all move foward. Peace and love to you and your family.

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    You faced the cancer devil

    You faced the cancer devil and won by doing it your way in my opinion.   You will never be forgotten.  I wish you peace!

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    Thinking of you

    Wishing you peace, comfort, and the love of your family as they surround you at this time.  

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    M, I don't know what to say,

    M, I don't know what to say, life does happen while we're making plans, but I'm sure this sudden turn feels cruel, it does to me from here. Pop had the same thing occur from his prostate cancer, and it was a brief period, with the pain managed and family around. I can only picture you as in the pix you shared, strong, determined, and in charge of your life in a way most never approach. I wish I had the words, and the chance to meet and hug you, and hear the voice that spoke so clearly about things that really matter. You know my thoughts on existence and meaning, but without ever knowing the man outside what you've shared, I still imagine Doyle filled with pride and love at the way you've met all this. I feel it here, from a long ways away. I wish you peace...............................................Dave