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So my dad has been maintaining a good weight for a while now and now with his pet scan coming up monday he seems to be losing his appetite . Not totally he eats just not like he was eating usually just kind of picks at his food or eats half of it I don't know if it's scanxiety or maybe a bad sign that the cancer has spread . Not alot of information about a cancer patient losing there appetite out there unless there on chemo which my dad isn't . I mentioned it to my dad he doesn't think it's a problem should I be worried about it ? Or is it normal for a cancer patient's appetite to kind of change even if there not on chemo ? 

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Wait after the PET scan is done how his appetite is then. I can just tell from my experience as a daughter but even I experience scanxiety. The week my dad had the PET I was not sleeping good, it got better after we knew how to proceed. I was a whole week homesick when I decided to go back to my university even though I was still at home. With that said I can really imagine that it is just the scan. According to my dad they are exhausting because you come there fasting, wait and wait with nothing to eat. Even if your dad does not acknowledge it, there is a small part named consciousness that mixes up life. Just wait till the PET and see how it changes. 

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Yes I get scanxiety to over my dad's scans and his last scan was hard they thought it spread then they didn't do that's kind of what I figured his lack of appetite was about to . It's still good to hear someone else agree it's been a hard month or so thanks for the advice . 

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Even if your dad doesn't seem nervous or anxious about the scan, it could be playing heavy on his mind causing him to not have a big appetite.  Wait until all this is over and he gets the results of the test and see if he improves, and if not, let his doctor know about it.  I'm sure they are watching his weight, as weight loss is a big part of going through all this.  Hoping his scan comes out well.


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It helped me to approach eating like it was a job. Maybe a strategy like that could help him.

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