Unfavorable 4+3

So my husband has prostate cancer. Recently had a appt with Pulmonologist Internist due to coughing up some blood- this Was recommended by our surgeon. Chest X Rays were good- no cancer there orresdon for further testing. Said he had some bronchitis and was most likely irritate. Supposed to have nuclear bone scan and MRI this week- and then meet with surgeon back on the 15 th to go over results and further game plan if surgery or thinking if still only in prostate then maybe try radiation first?  The coughing some blood has me very worried he has never done this before. does not have a couHH - just occasional. For anyone out there that there cancer spread beyond prostate, what symptoms if any are you experiencing? Dr told us 5-10 percent chance the cancer has spread - but have to have tests to conclude. He is a Gleason 7 4+3 T1C


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    Long shot

    Given what little detail you provide regarding his prostate condition, it is highly unlikely that your husband's lung issues are related in any way to PCa (prostate cancer).  PCa most commonly is not metastatic at all, but when it is, it most commonly enters the bone first, although the lung is I believe the second most common remote organ for it to spread into.  He would have to have had PCa for a LONG time, undetected, for his lung issues to be PCa.