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Lung Cancer and the virus vaccaine

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I have Lung Cancer and minor Coptd. I completed my 2 years of getting treated with Keytruda and I'm still alive and doing well per my latest CT scan. My question is, has any of you who also have Lung Cancer and even Copd gotten the Covid vaccaine? If so, did you have any bad side effects? Also, do you know of anyone that has had bad side effects? I'm also trying to find out how many people have gotten the vaccaine so far that also have Lung Cancer and how many of the total amount of people either got bad side effects or even died from the vaccaine?


Thanks, Sam

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My husband has metastisized lung cancer but has not gotten the vaccine.  However, we did have a discussion with his doctor about it at his previous appointment.  They are recommending it to him and to me.  I have not gotten it yet (I am a first responder but my agency is not requiring it) and am not intending to.  His doctor and PA both have gotten it and are saying he can have it, should he decide to.  It sounded like they are recommending it (but again not requiring it) to all of their patients and they feel it is safe to do so.  We did not ask how many of their patients have gotten it and gotten ill as my husband is not interested.  

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I am stage 4 lung cancer. After checking with my doctor, i have gotten first round of the moderna vaccine and Had no side effects. Scheduled for the 2nd shot next week. 

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I got my second shot this week. The following day I experienced fatigue and body aches, but the following day they were gone.

Shocked and too...
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I was wondering the samething ... 


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I have  NSCLC  and finished Chemo on Mar 24. My first CT scan after that showed no evidence of cancer and I was staged IIb. Next scan is scheduled for end of June.  In January I was encouraged by my Oncologist to get a COVID vaccination as soon as possible. My turn came up at the Sarasota County HD, I got the first Moderna Mar 4 and the second April 7. Similar to you I had no effects from the first and mild body aches and soreness at the injection sight for a few days. I'm a 68 yo male. 

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