Is It Inflammation or Metastasis

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i'm starting to get a bit frightened. as some of you know, i had my 1st. PSA blood test after having HDR treatment. my treatment was done on jan 9th and 23rd of 2020. during july, i was sched to have my first check-up, but because of COVID-19, my RO said i could wait another 6 mths. well, this past january 21st. was six mths. and my blood test came back as i stated was a 4.04, down from a 12.68 in october 2019.

i'm afraid that my PCa may be spreading. the last few days, i've noticed some level of discomfort in my lower left pelvis area and my left hip bone. if i had to grade the level of discomfort, i'd say it would be between 4 and's noticeable, but NOT excruciating. i'm starting to wonder if that's the cancer spreading, is it in my head, or is it inflammation from prostatitis. back in 2014, i was diagnosed with both BPH and prostatitis. so, i'd like to know am i worrying over nothing or is this a sign?

i go back to my RO on tues., march 16th, for another PSA blood test. i'm quite concerned.


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    Downward slope

    Hi Sw,

    From what you say sounds like your PSA is heading in the right direction.  From what I know HRD is a slow kill over an extended period of time.  Hopefully whatever is causing your pain will be addressed with your doctor in March. I would not worry about it unless the pain increases between now and March.  If it bothers you that much you could call your doctor and see if you can get in early due to a cancellation.

    Dave 3+4