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RALP recovery

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My surgery is scheduled for 03/17/21.  What items would you suggest I have at home to help with recovery/comfort/etc.?

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Padding for bed"leakage",depends, and my wife went to Dollar Store and bought a bucket so I could sit my catheter bag in at night. It helped,good luck been 2months since surgery for me. Doing ok still using depnds 6/8per day, ED

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Hi Musicman,

After my surgery and while I had my catheter in I slept on the couch for about 10 days.  It pulled less on my catheter which made me more comfortable, I was not comfortable in bed.  My doc told me to use Neosporin where the catheter met the end my Penis, it did help lessen the irritation.  I also used a bucket to hold the cath bag while in bed and a leg bag during the day.  I stayed inside with my cath in and did laps around the house to get exercise.  Sweat pants also help.  You will need adult diapers for a while after the cath comes out, check with your doc on when to start doing Kegals to strenghten the muscles in your pelvis.  Good luck, hope it works out well for you.  My post op was very uneventful, no infections, not a lot of pain.

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Musicmanone, the days between your hospital discharge and the day the catheter is removed are the roughest.  No way around it.  That thing is not fun.  Pay attention to your discharge orders.  Don't run any marathons.  Get a rubber sheet for your bed until the catheter comes out.  Stock up on Depends.  Thank your lucky stars you're still on the green side of grass.

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