After surgery / radiation - how to make it better

its been about 2 years since my diagnosis - and as i mentioned in a previous post - i had robotic surgury to remove the prostate and some radiation.  the little guy is still not cooperating - i cannot get a full enough erection needed for coitis and i continue to pee all over myself. 


1) even with a pad i always lead on the edges of my underwear - i must be doing something wrong

2) i tried the keigels to no avail .  is there other things i can do improve not peeing all over myself all day every day

3) sex its just not possible right now - not sure what to do


in april it will be my 4 year wedding aniverssary - its just not fair to my wife that i cannot please her




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    Next step


     Has it been  2 years since your surgery?  As far as the peeing all over yourself you could go to a full size max type pad or a full male diaper.  For the sex part guys here have gone with either injections or various types of implants or pumps to create an irrection.  If it's been two years since surgery you might want to talk with a surgeon to see if there is any other options to improve your leakage.  I have included a link about Ed solutions from the Mayo clinic.

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