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When to be concerned about numbers rising

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i had a prostate cacncer diagnosis a couple of years ago - had it removed.  number went down than came back up - had 47 bouts of radiation.  numbers have been less than 0.03 for the last three tests.  due to covide its been a little while since i had a test - just had one and it is less than 0.1.  i know that is a low nubmer but it also represents and increase - should i be worried.  well i am a natural worrier so i will no matter what but you get my meaning.

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Your number does not represent clinical relapse for most urologists, since that number is .2, and only after a follow-up confirmation PSA later.   Your doctor will no doubt simply require more frequent PSA monitoring, but hopefully your .1 means essentially nothing.

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A PSA outcome of 'less than 0.1' means almost nothing. The real reading could be 0.001, 0.01 or something else. I recommend getting another test (the ultrasensitive one).

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PN3, if it's any consolation to your natural worrying rest assured you're not the only one. I've been a literal basket case every time I've gone back for a PSA check post RALP even with my numbers being virtually undetectable.  That being said you're now in my prayers as well.

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