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Pelvic Lymphedema

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Has anyone acquired lymphedema in their pelvic area (below the belly button)? if so, how long after surgery and what are you doing for it?

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I started a thread about lymphedema about a year and a half ago. See https://csn.cancer.org/node/319897

A couple of members wrote about swelling in the groin/pelvis area in that topic. Unfortunately, derMaus is no longer with us and KatnHat hasn't logged in for quite a while. I don't remember others mentioning this problem area, but since my lymphedema didn't start until well after treatment, I might have missed other relevant comments. But from this and other discussions on this subject, it appears that lymphedema can occur at various times after treatment. See also https://csn.cancer.org/node/321629 and https://csn.cancer.org/node/321369

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I think I have that too. Currently in the process of getting it checked out. Tuesday next week I'm going to the hospital. 

I had my hysterectomy December 2018 and my symptoms of lymphedema started about 1-2 months ago. I have it it my left leg as well... It sucks!

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So happy to see your face! Hope you are doing well. Good luck with the hospital visit. 



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I have missed you

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Somedays things can be so hard, but how can you not love this page?  Fluff pops in and we all miss her!!!  How wonderful.

Yes, cmb, I agree.  Lymphedema can come on at anytime, and once you got it, you got it forever.   There are physical therapists who specialize in working with lymphedema patients and can help with a proper fitting compression garment. 

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I definitely have lymphedema in my right leg and foot. My lymphedema specialist physical therapist thinks I have it in the lower pelvic/abdominal area. My oncologist last month seemed to think it was a side effect of the Abraxane. My surgery was in May 2017 and the swelling started in my ankle in July 2020 while on Keytruda/Lenvima. I started therapy December 2020. One thing I do at least twice a day is to gently massage the lymph nodes beginning at the armpits then from groin up to armpits and then from knee upward. I have a thigh high compression stocking I wear during the day. In the morning and evening I have boot like things I put on each leg that hook up to a pump. It simulates the muscles squeezing the lymph fluid upward. There is a trouser garment that goes to the waist that you can also get.
A physical therapist certified in lymphedema would be a big help for you. This is a chronic disease that you need to stay on top of.

Hello Fluff! Good to see you back on here. I'm sorry you are going through this lymphedema in your leg. It does get easier once you get it under control!

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