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RCC in the NBA

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I don't know how many of the members here have seen this, but an NBA player named Caris LeVert was involved in a trade. As a requirement of the trade, a full physicall was performed that included an MRI. In that MRI, they discovered a mass on LeVert's left kidney. He is 26 years old. I didn't hear much more until yesterday. The information released said that LeVert had a confirmed RCC removed and that he would be out indefinitely. 

As someone who has been on Active Surveillance for a 1cm renal mass on my left kidney, I was very curious as to how this particular situation would be handled. Due to the fact that they said he had surgery for a confirmed RCC, I think it's safe to say that the mass was large enough to biopsy and they knew what they were dealing with. As well, I imagine the Indiana Pacers probably would have never opted for a surveillance protocol. Either way, I do hope that Mr. LeVert seriously considers being an ambassador to our plight. The lack of information and understanding about renal masses is staggering. Maybe a pro basketball player could really help push some much needed light onto our realm. Of course, I'm not suggesting he be forced to do so, but this is an opportunity to expand awareness. Thoughts?

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It would be great to expand awareness... and think how many people could be saved if baseline age 40 MRI were covered by insurance as a preventative screening.

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