Heart Breaking news from Northern Ireland

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This truly breaks my heart.  




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    There are unfortunately 3 kind of people who die because of covid. The first is obvious: the infection kills the person directly, in 2nd the infection does not but with all extra comorbidities the patient already has, the patient will also die. The 3rd reason is the saddest: the hospitals are at thdir maximal capacity and cannot provide for people with other diseases like cancer, strokes and MI. 

    Our hospital now is also at max capacity. The covid ward is full and 2 hospitals closed due to high infections in their staff and patients, so our hospital also had to take up their patients. In march during the first wave they had not so much to do.

    I am grateful that my father was diagnosed during this time. It was not easy but every chemo, every surgery and appointment could happen during this time and was not postponed. Who knows how it would have been now? 

    I have classes at oncology right now and the doctors also say that they have way more patients now. It is sad but what could you do? There is no perfect way to prevent the spread of the virus, while saving the economy and providing health care to all other people. At the end it all depends on us by following the guidelines to prevent the spread.