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Collagen supplement

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Hi All,

I started taking a powdered collagen supplement before I was diagnosed with Lymphoma last year. 

As most of you know I got diagnosed with CLL/SLL Lymphoma Nov 2, 2020. At that time I stopped taking collagen. Didn't know why I stopped perhaps it was the shock of hearing my diagnosis and didn't want to be bothered. It sat on the counter for a long while.  I'd say I started taking it again about a month ago.  Today I researched on the subject only to learn collagen promotes tumor growth with cancer.  I hope to God I haven't done myself any harm. 
I originally started taking it for my thin skin. Then after learning of my diagnosis, plus other family life threatening episodes my hair started thinning badly. That's why I started taking it again a month ago. Thought it would help, hair loss and skin etc.  Mind you I'm no treatment at this time. So hair loss is stress related. 

Anyone else have any experience with collagen?  Any information would be appreciated. 
Thank You


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As a matter of precaution, make it a habit of discussing any and all new developments, symptoms, and dietary supplements with your medical team. This applies to everyone, and even more so to anyone diagnosed with a serious illness.

Your GP and/or hematologist will best be able to inform and reassure you. Trust in the notion that there is no matter too lowly for them to address.

I hope this helps.


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I don't think you should think about it like that.

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 steak, chicken or piece of fish. Collagen supplements are all made from dead animals - mostly from bones, hides and other animal byproducts. Just wondering - do you perhaps sell the stuff? Let's all get some Kangen water and collagen supplements and we will live forever. Oh if it were only that simple.

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Collagen is the most common protien in our bodies. It is manufactured in the body, by the body. It is readily available in most animal-based foods including meat, fish, poultry and dairy. No need for supplements.

Nice CAR!!!!

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