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Dad is in surgery

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Just dropped dad off. It feels so cruel that they won't even let one person wait or be there when he gets out. Even though one of us (me) had COVID and one of us (my sister) has been vaccinated... he was so nervous. I know so many of y'all are old pros at surgery. I'm trying to let that comfort me. 

Sorry for Comments or messages I haven't replied to yet. Been trying to get so many things done but the past few weeks have flown by. 

if anyone cares to pray or wish him well I would appreciate it so much. 

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Not sure the precautions y'all are taking around your father, but please be aware, there is no proof that someone who had covid before can't get it again and spread and also, I believe with the vaccine you can still get and spread covid. That it just minimizes the illness. 

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Best wishes to you and your father in the surgery and recovery.

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As abita mentioned, there are issues regarding infection/reinfection/transfer with respect to prior Covid patients and those who have the vaccine.

Check to see if there is a way to visit.  Even with all of the Covid precautions, MSK allows some visitors with respect to inpatients. 

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Not sure it will make you feel better but once he starts the surgery prep, there is so much going on with last minute signing papers, anesthesiologist explains things, etc, that the patient doesn't have a lot of time to think and be worried. And when you are coming out of it, the anesthetic is still enough left to make you not that aware anyway. My point being, please don't feel bad you weren't allowed in. Oh, also, those who prepped me and the person who does all the vitals when you wake out of it, were all so kind, so he is likely surrounded by people that are very compassionate and trained how to calm nervous patients.

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That's heartbreaking that you where not allowed in I sat alone in the waiting room threw both of my dad's surgeries I can't even imagine not being there . With that being said I'll be praying for strengh for you and your dad both as Abita said the nurses and everyone around him will help him threw this but god is always there he will calm your dad's nerves . 

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I'm praying for you and your dad today. I was diagnosed 3 years ago and have had 10 surgeries including 3 in 2020. It was hard to walk into the hospital all alone on the morning of my surgeries, but once I checked in I was not alone. Hospital staff members are a special type of people. They do their jobs with compassion and care. Your dad is not alone. I'm sure it is difficult for you to not be there, but he is in good hands. Honestly, as a patient coming out of surgery it was a relief to be able to focus on myself and my recovery rather than putting on a brave face for hospital visitors. Now, that's not to say that I didn't miss my family. I hope your dad has a phone or tablet that he can use to FaceTime or Zoom with family and friends. After one recent surgery, I had to sign off a Zoom meeting with multiple family members because I was laughing so hard, I thought I might pop my stitches! Please keep us posted on your dad's progress. I will continue to pray that all goes well. 

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Wishing and praying that all goes well with your father.  Hope someone lets you know when and how he is doing.


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"Old Pros at surgeries", lol I'd rather be a rookie. He'll be fine. It does kinda stink they won't let anyone in to be there when he wakes up. That's something I wish I had.

Speaking of Covid and stinking, I may have it. I lost my sense of smell a couple days back. No idea where I left it but then I remembered it's a symptom of Covid so I got tested on Monday. I'm waiting for the results but that's the only thing I've noticed. I don't have any headaches, fever, cough, or the other things. Wanna know how I discovered it? Ok, I'll tell ya because it's a little funny. Me and my brothers just left Chili's and were driving back and I let one out and I didn't smell a thing. I thought, ok, one of those that don't burn your nostrils. Within seconds my two brothers were gagging, lol. That's when I realized, Oh hell, I can't smell a thing. I should have the results back by tomorrow.

Prayers for your dad's speedy recovery.

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Glad that you aren't having any symptoms and hope that it comes out negative.  They did a test on me last week because of emergency surgery, but the test wasn't as bad as a lot of people make it out to be.  Negative, and got the results in 2 hours, but then again it was an emergency.  Good thing you had your brothers with you to smell your "flatulence" LOL. 



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