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where to purchase / buy Vitamin C IV mega dose?

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Due to the pandemic, all clinics in Illinois ran out of Vitamin C IV.

Now all patients have to look for other solutions to find Vitamin C Intravenous to continue the therapy. So we can call it a humanitarian case.

Question to the members of this forum ... does anyone know the distributors of Vit C IV (contact and links).

Thank you

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You should try to PharmaLife Laboratories located in Europe. 

All US clinics are sourced from these labs. Maybe they will help you with a direct order in case of maximum need.

Many patients choose direct ordering to avoid the high costs of clinics

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At the doctor's recommendation, I need 50 grams of Vitamin C IV.

The problem is that it cannot be found in pharmacies.

I specify that the doctor will administer this treatment.

I need the help of forum members to tell me a contact ... link where i can order vitamin C IV directly.

Thank you

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We paid 30 US$ + shipping for each bottle of Vitamin C IV 100ml quantity with concentration 10000mg (10grams) from the same supplier PharmaLife Laboratories.

They do not request medical prescription and the parcel with Vitamin C comes from Europe (with E.U standards) with USPS.

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The question is whether the FDA is still clamping down with discriminatory actions against the state compounding pharmacies that pack injectable vitamin C.  The FDA approved McGuff's Ascor injectable C in Oct 2017, the first such FDA approval in the US after an 11 year effort by McGuff.  The FDA had elbowed McGuff, the largest US supplier, out of the injectable C market in 2010 with a warning letter, beginning a seven year terror campaign and supply problem in North America, and many places overseas.


In 2010, pre-FDA shutdown, McGuff's 25 gram injectable C bottles cost under $7 bulk and could be broadly purchased.  Now McGuff's equivalent FDA approved bottle costs $26-$28 and are only sold to doctors or medical supply houses.  Boy, we feel so protected /s.


Knowing how the FDA outlawed necessary medicines in the past and then set up forebearance procedures (wink, wink, special paper work for still arbitrary treatment) after enough outcry, different  scenarios are possible.  I'm not sure where the state compounding pharmacies are now.  There has been a lot of market suppression of compounding pharmacies by menacing FDA letters over the last 10 years.  My suggestion is to be indirect about suppliers here on the boards, speaking in generalities / email - and not publicly wave a red flag to stampede the FDA bull(y)s to increase intolerance.


At  least in decades gone by, the old vitamin C doctors in the US could prepare their own IV vitamin C concentrate from sterile USP powder - doctors legally had great powers to practice medicine under adverse conditions.  In the US, potential liability would be prohibitive for most now in any case.  The old birds I'm thinking of were physician - scientists / researchers in later clinical practice, graduated from the most selective medical schools in the US, so perhaps not for the average dr.

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