Update on Richard

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Back in the summer there was a lymph node in the liver area that showed up during a scan. Then Richard has a liquid biopsy, which confirmed cancer cells in the blood. The liver surgeon at MD Anderson wanted to go ahead and do needle biopsy on the lymph node and an endoscopic ultrasound on the liver. we flew down to Texas over the weekend and Richard had the test on Monday. The oncologist called and confirmed the lymph node was positive and the liver was currently clear- a little fatty. So no new liver Mets. Richard will have 3 cycles of folfori & a satin and the 4th cycle will be folfori and no avastin Here at home in WV. Then surgery back in Houston around the start of April! We consider this to be an amazing report and are feeling hopeful! 


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    Congratulations on the good news!

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    Good news. Wishing him well on the upcoming surgery.  Thanks for the update.


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    Such good news!

    Really glad that the liver was clean --good luck with the chemo !

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    Wonderful news!!!!! Stay safe

    Wonderful news!!!!! Stay safe and hope for continued good reports!!!


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    Great news

    We take what we can get, and if it is at all good, then run with it. 

    I wish him well as he does his treatment, and hopefully get a nice early April appointment for the surgery.