Panitumumab--Has anyone currenyly on or tried this med?

I was just put on Panitumumab (Vecix) which I started yesterday becuase my CEA shot up to 600 even though all scans are clear.  Like all of us, I dont want to be on any infustion, but I want to see if anyone hs any success or no anyone who has success with this medication.


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    Not me

    Sorry I can't help, I just hated to see your post with no replies. 

    Hopefully someone will come along soon, who is or has been on the same cocktail and can give you their thoughts. 

    Keep on keeping on.


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    Hi Brad,


    My sister is about to receive her first infusion for her stage 4 anal cancer.   She did Carbo/taxol and was stable.  we live in Florida and the doctors at Moffit decided that because her cancer didn't change for good or bad that they needed to try immunotherapy.   I think the drug you mentioned is maybe an immunotherapy too.  I read some people have great responses.  I was hoping g they would combine the optiva ( her immune drug ) with Chemo but they said to try this alone.  She goes Friday for her first treatment.   Unfortunately she is not a good candidate for radiation.   I'll let you k ow how her treatment goes.   I wish I read more posts about immunotherapy here.     Good luck.     My sister is 54 and I am so hopeful this will at least push her cancer back.