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Abrub is back

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It’s been a while. Overall, I’m doing well, however, I’ve had 3 cancer-related surgeries since July, and a temporary colostomy.

My appendix cancer came back in my peritoneum a year ago, but I was considered inoperable because of some questionable spots on my lungs. Thus, back to chemo – FolFiri + Avastin. Abdominal cancer grew on chemo, tho lung spots shrank a bit. However, come April (after a bout with Covid), a tumor in my groin was pressing on nerves, and made it impossible for me to walk. I was in agonizing pain after walking just a few steps (and a few weeks earlier, I was easily walking several miles.) It was getting worse day by day. Thus we knew surgery was a must. Otherwise, I’d have no remaining quality of life.

Surgery was scheduled for the end of July, and included severing my femoral cutaneous nerve. Surgery appeared successful despite the vast net of adhesions and scar tissue I had (from my 5 previous abdominal surgeries and intraperitoneal chemo.) I could walk again, but we didn’t realize for a few weeks that the surgeon had nicked my rectum, and I developed an abscess. Oh, and severing the femoral cutaneous nerve did not leave the affected area painless and unable to feel pain. Other nerves kicked in, and it has been a very unpleasant, permanent side effect of the surgery. However, walking is more important.

Emergency return to the hospital, with numerous tests, placement of drains in the abscess, and ultimately more surgery at the end of August – this time for a transverse double-loop colostomy. We needed to let my rectum heal. No complications this time, just severe depression related to my new colostomy and bag explosions.
Then on December 9, back to the hospital for a reversal, from which I’m healing well. Still not 100%, but my plumbing is normalizing.

I was very fortunate in that Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center does allow visitors (usually 4 hour visiting windows, for a single visitor only), but with a variety of letters from my doctors attesting to why I needed him there, I had my husband (my only permitted visitor) available to me 24/7.
Somehow, our summer slipped away, with me in the hospital for a total of 6 weeks (2 ½ weeks each with the first 2 surgeries, but only 10 days at home between, so it felt like 7 straight weeks in the hospital; then another 5 days after my reversal.

Fortunately, I’m doing well overall. My whole family had Covid back in March, which has given us some immunity. And the latest CT scan (last week) shows no more cancer in my belly, tho still some questionable spots in my lungs that may be mets, but haven’t been confirmed as such.


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And that is just me reading it. I can only imagine that you are totally exhausted. Wow! Many of us are complaing about COVID and the liek, while you get COVID AND a whole heap of other unwanted horrors on top. 

You, my friend, are one tough lady! 

I am so happy that you are doing well.  Keep up the good work. Behave. And lets  get working on those pesky lung spots. I tihnk you have had your fair share and more. Time for some good days ahead. 


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Wishing you a much better 2021!

Marie who loves kitties

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You have been put through the ringer--but you are amazing in your fight! So glad you are doing better and pray that you continue to get stronger and the pain diminishes and the cancer stays far away.

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I was very worried about you and honestly I was afraid to ask. I am so sorry for all you have been through, what nightmare. On top of all of it stupid Covid. I am very glad you are still here, but I hate to know you are in pain and having some sadness. I can't say I blame you and I hope that things get better. I am very tempted to send my husband back to Sloan, it's just with Covid I worry about the travel. I hope you begin to feel better and know someone one state over in Connecticut thinks of you often. How is your daughter? I know she got hit hard with Covid as well. Take care!

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My daughter and husband both had severe cases of Covid, with husband hospitalized.  Both have sequelae.  Daughter has neurologic damage including sporadic Trigeminal Neuralgia-type pain (not the trigeminal nerve, though) and frequent migraines.  She's now in a program at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in NYC studying post-Covid issues.  Husband has lost some lung function, and still has a loss of his sense of smell.  I fortunately came out of it with no issues.  I don't know if the high levels of vitamin D supplementation helped me.  All I know is that I had an extremely mild case, with no aftereffects.


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Wow, I'm so sorry that your past year has been so terrible as you have been through so much.  I'm glad you all recovered from covid and that your husband was able to be with you at the hospital.  To me, it's very important that there is a loved one with someone in the hospital.  I'm sure that the healing is much more beneficial when you have a special member of the family at your side.  Wishing you the best and hope you feel better soon.


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And I thought my summer slid by without many notable events, [make that my year, outside of watching sports]. You've had a rough time Alice, but it sounds like you've found some solid ground to anchor to. Hear's hoping 2021 rises up to greet you with nothing but the best stuff.............................................Dave 

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