Is colorectal cancer inoperable and incurable?

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Are colorectal adenomas located in the esso-rectal part and in the pelvis (the size of the adenoma 5.1-6.5) inoperable and incurable? The water immediately drained into the bag. The patient was drastically losing sight and the doctors, regardless of that, forced a biopsy, infected the whole organism and pumped antibiotics for 2 weeks, 4 times a day. Completely devastated, he was thrown on palliative care, where he ended his life. In accord with medical sources and other intestinal specialists, my son would be saved. I also want to mention that the doctors who were caring for my son were not gastroenterologists. Thus, the son was killed. The distraught parents turn to all who suffered this disease and got a chance to live, to comment on the forum our son case. Thank you.


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    I wish is to express my most sincere sympathy for the passing of your son. 

    I cannot comment on any care or treatment that was provided him. 

    As a parent of two boys, one with serious health issues, my heart hurts for you. While I do not KNOW what you are going through, I have run senarios through my head, when my son has been suffereing, and that alone is bad enough. 

    May you find peace in remembering your son and the life you have shared with him. 


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    I'm so sorry

    Losing a child has to be devestating.  Not being a medical doctor, I'm not able to give you a qualified answer on whether another alternative direction would have worked.  I'm not sure if you were able to seek a second opinion.  Once again, I'm sorry for your loss.