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Tom M.
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My dear friends, one week from today I will be going back to Penn State Hershey MC for re-scanning and another talk with the liver surgeon. Three months ago I was there to see him after I decided to leave Geisinger for their in action as to my case. By the time I got there I was told that my liver could be cured of desiese. However some small lung nodules showed up on my chest CT which took me off the table for a liver resection. I was put back on chemo for the last 3 months to get rid of them. For some reason I do well on chemo. My Cea quickly dropped back to normal. It is my hope that they can do the resection this coming year. Iam looking foward to my visit and hope to hear some promising news. 


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    I wish you good luck with

    I wish you good luck with your quest...I hope you receive positive news!!!

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    Good luck Tom

    I am happy to hear about the CEA drop, and that you respond well to chemo. 

    May 2021 find you NED and you can take a step back from this awful journey. 


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    Thanks for the update, Tom. 

    Thanks for the update, Tom.  So happy you are getting surgery.

    Many prayers your way!

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    I hope things continue to go well for you! Gotta say though, your post has me thinking about chocolate for some reason Tongue Out

    Seriously though, glad to hear people can respond well to chemo. Do they biopsy the lung nodules to be sure before they took the surgery off the table? I think Ive read before that some people have nodules that turn out to be nothing, I could be mistaken though. 

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    Hoping the best outcome for your upcoming scan.  It sounds like you are more satisfied with this hospital and the care are you receiving.  Please keep us posted.


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    Good Luck Tom

    Thank you for the update Tom. Glad you are responding well to chemo, I wish you luck on your upcoming visit. 

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    Best of luck Tom!

    Hope you continue to respond so well to treatment and glad you have found a clinic that you have confidence in! It is a terrible feeling to not have complete faith in your clinicians!

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    Good luck!

    I hope you get good news!