Things looking up dare I say it ?

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         From the start my dad's diagnosis has been a roller coaster we always have struggled to get clear answers . Now it looks like we finally are finding out why it appears it's because of dad's neurofibromatosis . We went from last week being told he needs " lifelong chemo " and is stage 4 to now he's back at stage 3 with option to wait and watch . The onc told us today after speaking to the surgeon he now believes my dad's neurofibromatosis is why the pet scan glowed in the abdominal area . Since the surgeon said she saw nothing inside the abdominal area but she did leave small amounts so small there not even showing on the scan of cancer on his tailbone . 

Most in my family seem to think this isn't good news since he does still have small amounts of cancer on the tailbone . However the surgeon always said that so me I am overjoyed and happier then I been in a long time cause my dad's cancer hasn't gotten worse and hey that's something right ? 

         So for now my dad has choosen to wait and watch the scans to see if the cancer appears cause he is in no rush for chemo . Which is risky but it's his choice I am just happy there is no spread and am trying to enjoy this little piece of good news .

All this has really got me thinking about the ups and downs of cancer patients and how much I really admire there bravery . So I tip my hat to those fighting the fight and tell them I am praying for every since cancer patient to get there own good news . I just wanted to share my good news I don't ever get the chance to do that the crazy thing is good news is actually making me a little nervous lol . 




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    I am living proof of why you should hope!

    In 1979 I was diagnosed with colin cancer. 1980 was a terror, but 2 colonoscopys later I am still Cancer free!! 

    Currently 88, my children expect me to live into my 90s


    So hope springs eternal for us all!!!

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    Be Happy.
    This goes to show why doctors aren't so quick to give a definitive answer because of the million variables that can skew the results one way or the other. A little bit of cancer is never good but as long as it's not going anywhere it might be good enough to live with. Tonight, share a beer with dad talking about old times and not about this.
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    Good news

    It sounds like good news for the new year.  Congratulations, it sounds like you can use a break.  And I endorse Darcher's recomendation to have a beer with your dad and forget.

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    This is some encouraging news, so take and run with it.  I'm glad that your dad feels comfortable with the wait and see approach as this should be a decision that he alone should make.  Hope you can now relax, take a breath and enjoy the new year.


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    Better late than never I hope

    Just wanted to say that I read this when you posted it and did a little happy dance for you.

    The people here rock. Cancer seems like, life turned up to 11, so many ups and downs. 

    Keep sharing any news, good or bad, if you feel like it. Im so glad you get to enjoy some peace and I hope it continues.