Seeking info from patients who may have a similar case history.

A diagnosis of colorectal cancer in the summer of 2019 was an incidental finding when scar tissue caused by years of diverticulitis led to a colon blockage and a resection surgery of the colon.


Their was no visual evidence of cancer but rare aggressive signet cancer cells were found in  lymph nodes of the 12" removed colon.  Further exploratory colonoscopy  6 weeks late was done to try and locate the source of the cancer.


The orifice of the appendix looked abnormal, but the appendix could not be removed for fear of spreading the cancer cells.  A further exploratory surgery done to explore the abdominal cavity revealed cancer placques in the peritoneum.


12 cycles of folfox chemotherapy followed by a colonoscopy revealed no  visual signs of abnormal cells  at the appendiceal orifice or in various biposied tissues.  There were no CEA markers in my blood.


My medical oncologist is very happy that there has been no progression noted 18 months into my diagnosis.

Currently receiving Avastin infusions every 3 weeks and oral capecetabine 4x a day for 2 week cycles.  Will have further ct and cea tests in March to see if there is any progression. 


Has anyone experienced a similar case history involving an incidental finding of colon cancer that had no symptoms?


I am curious about the cancer plaques in the peritoneum identified in the summer 2019.  I was unfamiliar with the  term and was wondering what is the normal progression of cancer plaques.  Do they become tumors if unchecked?



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    Welcome to the forum

    I can't help you with your question, but just wante to let you know that we are here for you -even if some of us can't answer your quesiton. 

    I can say that when I was diagnosed, I had no symptoms until the previous week, and I had an almost total blockage. 

    The forum is a little slow. Folks celebrating the season. 


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    Welcome to the boards.  I'm not able to help you as mine was rectal cancer.  I've never heard of your situation before, but there is many knowledgeable people on the board, so hopefully someone can chime in to give you some insite.  Wishing you well.


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    Sort of Similar, Not 100%

    Sorry you are here ...

    I had absolutely no symptoms whatsoever.  I had a scan for something else, and there was a note of a shadow and possible neoplasm that should be checked out.  There was also a note on the report of a possible kidney stone.  A few hours later I was in agony.  Figured I was just hperchondriac.  Pain continued for weeks, and I would have gone to the doctors, but for the fact I knew I had a scan coming up.  Not sure what triggered the pain.

    I had my appendix removed as part of the initial surgery.  It seems to be pretty standard at MSK that the appendix comes out, even though there was no sign of cancer. (It may have been the location of where my tumor was, that they do it automatically  I think at the time they told me the do it as a matter of course, but I could be wrong.  It has been almost 6 years :) )  

    In your case, I am not sure I am completely understanding.  Do you mean that it initially looked abnormal, then did not?   

    I had half my lymph nodes positive for cancer, and cancer had spread into the peritoneum, so portions of that were also removed.  If you click on about me, you can see my story.  Just past the 6 year mark of the first warning sign.


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    Language is a tricky thing in

    Language is a tricky thing in this cancer game, the words they use certainly mean specific things to them that they may or may not explain to us. As I mentioned in another thread, my cysts became masses, then lesions in my liver as the blood test numbers climbed, over a couple years. Plaques to me mean ''hard to spot'' almost 2 dimensional versions of mets, but I have no experience with them, nor signet-ring cell stuff. We have people here who have done well with that type of diagnosis, I hope they'll stop in to share. In general, many here had no symptoms prior, I had only slight traces of blood in my stool a couple monthes before diagnosis, though my appendix was also acting up. [they took it and it was negative for cancer] Hoping you get a nice, clear result come testing time..............................................Dave