I’m new

Was diagnosed 4 months ago. Do not understand or know how to handle this or where to get support. This is the craziest worst ride ever.


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    Welcome to the group,

    Welcome to the group, although none of us ever wanted to join.  It would be helpful to know a little bit more about your diagnosis, like how it was diagnosed, approximate size and location, and what your doctor(s) have said about it.  You're in the right place for support.  The folks here are all very caring and very giving.  The main piece of advice I'll give you is to NOT search the internet for information.  Much of what's out there is dated and, frankly a lot is just plain wrong.  You can drive yourself crazy (and I know that from first-hand experience) trying to navigate the internet regarding this condition.  Just know that absolutely amazing progress has been made in treatments, both surgical and non-surgical.

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    We were all new when we started this journey

    Folloe up in the Bay Area Guy's questuitions so we can give tou a hand.







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    Welcome, Cly

    Four months....that's a long time with the feelings that come with being newly diagnosed.  I hope you have a support system around you to help ease the anxiety and worry.  For now, Bay Area Guy provided some of the basic questions that we need answers to in order to provide advice and support.  We've all been through the diagnosis and follow up procedures that come with RCC.   I'm hopeful our experience can be helpful to you.

    Take care--


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    You will find good information and support here. You're not alone.

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    Please keep in touch

    There is a wealth of information and support on this site. All of us have had the diagnosis experience and have got help here. There are many different experiences and no one size fits all. It was a massive shock to me also but members immediately spoke up with help and advice. I did not feel alone or lost as I had done. My left kidney was removed almost 8 years ago and I now have a yearly follow up the last one in August of this year and to date all is still well. Thinking of you, we've all been there.