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COVID 19 -Vaccines

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Hello everyone- 

My Name is MG , I Diagnosed with MM - 

 Lt Chains On  March 2029. I wentt hrogh 5 Cicles of therapy , Than self Bone Marrow Transplant in october 2019- It was a success.

Now- 14 Month Later, the Blood tests Shows Steady increase of The Cancer cells. 

Free Kappa Lt Chains.  and I need to Go on Maintainess doses of Chemo (Revlamid-Valcade)  .also, the transplant Doctors Gave me a List Of Vaccenes that i need to Vaccenate my self.

If anyone have or simulat situation I would Like to get your Thoghts -opinion On.

1-How Important Is to Take those vaccenes ?
2-If I Go on Chemo Maintanes Doses- would my imune system will able to handle those vaccenes while on Chemo?
3-is it safe to get the Covid19 Vaccene Now ? Or during Chemo ?
4- as a Hogh Ristk, Cancer pationt and at the age of 62 , do i have a priority of getting the covid vaccene ? if so, How would i get it ?

I would Love to discuss with someone in a simular situation as me..

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