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Post R-CHOP (worried about my sister)

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Hello everyone, I've been reading this platform from afar for a while. This is the my first time sharing my story;

My sister who's 20 yo was diagnosed with non hodgkin's lymphoma, DLBCL, almost 4 months ago. The diagnosis was the most depressing part of all. Since two of the first biopsies were false negative. So doctors thought it must be tuberculosis and not cancer. Anyway, it took us 2 months to diagnose her condition (a large mass in chest lymph nodes) which made her completely disabled and need assistance for slightest daily needs.


Thankfully since the start of R-CHOP, she's been responding well and regaining life one day at a time, after 3 cycles of chemo, PET-SCAN result was a complete remission.

We've now finished all 6 cycles.
And waiting to enter radiation therapy as well.


Since the end of chemo, I've been very worried about her condition. She's having a mild fever for a while. And cough sputum regularly, her CRP and ESR are elevated again.

Her symptoms are making me worry about an early relapse.


I don't know what I'm expecting from posting this. But I'm just feeling very confused, tired and worried lately.


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Based on what you've shared, I gather that your sister's 6th R-CHOP must be very recent, since she was diagnosed four months ago. CHOP chemotherapy is pretty harsh on the body, and it will take her some months before she feels like her old self again.

The fact that she's responded well to treatment and that she had reached complete response by her third round is a very positive sign, and one that should alleviate your worries regarding early relapse.

Regarding fever and cough, as her treatment has essentially left her with a weakened immune system, she must have been instructed to seek medical advice to be started on anitibiotics after samples have been collected as appropriate. I would suggest she get in touch with her medical team if in any doubt at all as to what is going on.

I hope this helps.


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After my mom completed her 6th rchop session we were notified that her labs showed low white blood cell counts even after the neulasta shot. That night she developed a high fever (103) and I brought her into the hospital. They ran a bunch of tests and did blood cultures but did not find anything. They gave her antibiotics through the IV for a few days and shes doing well now. Take her in or get a second opinion if you're not getting the results you need. I'm not a dr but i doubt you'd see relapse right after chemo. The drugs usually are lingering in your body for awhile anyways. Stay strong!

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