Questions about Folfiri and Oxi for a friend whose brother is struggling in ICU right now

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Hi all,


I know the difficulties of Oxi because I did that one myself.  Is there anything you can tell us that they should be doing, should not be doing.  Questions they should be asking.  He did Folfox, switched to Folfiri and Oxi.  He's  in ICU, falling over, pneumonia, intubated, dropping blood pressure.  He had surgery/rad for his spine (fusion) and pelvic bone.  No sign of cancer in these spots now.   The falling over seems like a side effect of the Folfox, it's on the list of needs medical attention side effects.   I'm reading some of the old posts and this seems par for the course for a lot of people with mixed results.  The pneumonia and dropping blood pressure are of special concern.    If anyone has any advice on what to consider, and most especially what to avoid.

I lift you all UP in my thoughts and meditation every single day.  Helen


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    Good seeing you

    It's so good to see you posting, but sorry you had to come on here to tell us of your friend's side effects.  I've never experienced the falling during treatment, however being off balance did happen but not severe.  Your friend should definitely consult his doctor about these problems, but I'm sure that has been discussed.  Everyone reacts different to medication, so it's hard to say what to do or not.  My only treatment was Folfox so I'm not sure about the side effects of the other drugs, or if they are similar.

    Hope you are doing well?  It's always good to see old posters come back on.

    Wishing your friend the best and hope that he can get some answers.



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    DPD Deficiency

    My husband had this deficiency as well as thousands of others who are put on chemo with NEVER being tested for it. For the life of me, I can not understand why it is not a mandatory test done before anyone begins treatment with chemo.  The body can not eliminate the toxic substances from the body and they continue to buildup with each treatment. If he has not been tested for this, I would demand the test. I am not an advocate of chemo. My husband was never tested for this and an accumulation in his body caused him so much needless suffering. I am wishing you love and light thru this journey with your friend...Hugs, M

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    Falling over

    Could it be an inner ear problem?  Just an idea to throw out there. 

    When I was on FOLFOX, I could not walk straight. I ended up having to use a zimmer frame, which helped immensley. 

    Now I have bouts of Vertigo, and falling over is par for the course. 

    I hope your friend recovers from all that is happening to him. It sounds so awful. 

    And yes, it is WONDERFUL to see you here. 

    Love and light to you, my friend.


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    Folfox Therapy

    I currently finished my 5th round of Folfox and I have noticed balance issues particularly when getting up from lying down and if I get up during the night.  I haven't fallen but I'm very careful knowing my balance is off.  Hope he heals soon and gets out of ICU.

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    Like most here I had complications with Oxy. I stopped about two weeks before my last 5-FU treatment. I had issues with BP during my chemo, had to get on medication for that, seems to be under control. I also experienced rise in blood glucose levels, which is also under control. Being able to exercise regularly seems to be the best medicine for that. Cancer cells eat up your nutrients, so one has to find a way to get all the vitamins you need.

    Your oncology team (chemo and surgery) may not be the best in looking for "mundane" issues that may affect your health. If you have a GP, see them about those other issues that may or may not be related to the treatment.