Blood thinners and chemo ?

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So my dad is on blood thinners does anyone know if he would be able to do chemo on them ? He has a new onc and I haven't be able to ask yet so wondering if anyone knows . 


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    Was on Eliquis

    Briefly during Chemo for a DVT in the upper extremity secondary to a botched port placment, with no ill effects, but it was short term. Since cancer and chemo can cause blood to clot it seems like it would be a good thing maybe?

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    I have been taking a 81 mg asprian for awhile. The important thing is to watch your platets. If they don't drop too low you should be good. If they drop alittle below normal range do not panic, that is acceptable. I'm just giving you advice that was given to me by my doctor. I have just completed 27 treatments total since my ordeal started and I have not had a problem with it. Pay attention to your blood work results and ask the doc questions when they arise.

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    Blood thinners are a good

    Blood thinners are a good thing, actually. One of my scans showed clots spreading through my lungs. It can be caused by cancer but its likely the result of chemo destroying a bunch of cells. Probably saved me from a heart attack. As soon as I was done with chemo I haven't had to have any more blood thinners (I was giving myself shots twice a day).