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Vectibix---Has anyone taken or on this Targeted Drug?

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i am about to start this medication and I am concerned about the side effects!  I have metastatic rectal Cancer and I am about to begin this targeted drug and I was wondering if anyone out there is either on it or as tried it and how were the side effects?   Was the drug effective?

Thank you!

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I take erbuitx, which I believe works the same way. The difference is that erbutix works when there is no mutation. I believe it is what JanJan was on, and she said it worked for her. For me, it did make the liver mets too small to be seen on a ct scan. It made the lung tumors get to stable, which is so much better than growing. I am guessing if I got a pet scan, we would see foci cancer cells in the liver, but there is no reason for me to get a pet scan whiile still having the lung tumors.

I do get the dry skin and chemo rash. Let me know if you think our drugs are similar enough for me to let you know how I deal with the symtpoms. I take mine with irinotecan.

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A lady on another cancer forum swears to ice your face before, during and after infusion to avoid rash and also she got some kind of cream from a derm 2 wks before treatment started to get jump on rash.

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