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Cancer Grade

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Can a cancer graded as a slow spreading cancer change ? I have been looking for this info and can find it no where.


-I also just came across ascites and remembered my dad had some fluid in his admonial area . And that there was hypermetabolic activity around it . Anyone had any info on acites does that mean the cancer has spread ? Or can other things cause ascites . 


- Also my dad's pet scan showed nothing about the SUV uptake just said moderate and minimal anyone else ever have that ?

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Are you talking about the type of cancer?  Some forms of cancer are more agressive than others, but they usually know this at diagnosis.  I'm not sure if a slow growing cancer can change mutations or not.  Hope you find the answer from someone else on the board that has more knowledge about this.


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I am not sure what you mean? Are you talking about the grade?

My former teacher told me that there are normally reports in the morphology of the cancer with the response to chemo. I remember from my patomorphology classes that some cancers have a mitotic activity, meaning how fast/slow they divide. But I have no idea how it is with colon cancer. 

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My dad's first pathalogy report said his cancer was graded 1 which mean his cancer cells where well differentiated from his normal cells . The onc said that means the cancer usual grows and spreads very slowly . Which is why we assumed it didn't spread in a year and a half . Now they think it might have spread so I am wondering can that change ? The way the onc explained it the more the cancer cells and normal cells look the same the slowly it spreads the grade which is what my dad had . 

When the cells look very different from each other the cancer spreads faster sorry I should have been more clear in my post . 

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Not to up on spread but they may have been there all along just not big enough to show on scans until now or mutated and is now more agressive.

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