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Mets to Retroperitoneal Adominal wall and Gluteus Maximus

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So about a week ago my dad's pet scan showed possiable mets to the adominal wall and butt muscles . Now we are waiting for biospy on dec 7 . And we are left with alot of questions about mets since we have only been dealing with it in one spot for almost two years . 

                So is this a bad place to have mets ? Is there worse places to have mets ? Also does the size of mets matter at all ? My dad's are 2 to 3 cm so idk if that matters at all . Is a good healthy diet more important now that where stage 4 ? My dad struggles to eat healthy so been wondering that also . Can he have radiation to these new mets when he has had it before ? They have already told him surgery wasn't a option again after his last surgery before the mets . Could that change and they want to do surgery to remove these mets ? I know no one can most likely answer these questions just I find it's better to have info and we are getting desperate for some .

        My dad has been threw so much 2 surgeries chemo radiation PE in each of his lungs also has neurofibromatis and I am just looking to get some information to try to help him continue his brave fight . So hopefully someone can help me out with this and has some info about mets to adominal wall and or butt muscles . 


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I don't have experience with mets in those locations, but they told me back when [13 yrs] that the liver or lung is usually the first point of spread, though we've had others who had them in other spots. The mets in my liver were that size. At stage 4, I ate what I liked, that seemed more important to me just to be eating well, as the surgeries and procedures seemed the biggest issue. I can't tell you much more than that, other than when they say they can't do a thing like radiation, chemo, or surgery, that fact can change with time and the doctors involved, it happened with my wife's brain tumor a few times. I'm hoping for the best on Dec. 7, and that you hear a positive result and/or plan for your pop.................................................Dave

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