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At Thanksgiving

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We are still here.  We are still "fighting" for normalcy...in many parts of our lives, ie. Covid 19, the Weather, Politics, Schools and Towns to open the way they used to be.

But we are still here; maybe isolated, maybe sheltering in place, limiting our contact with the outside world, having meetings and appointments on Zoom, maybe bored with being bored.

But we are still here.  For that we are blessed.  We have been diagnosed, cut into, nuked in various degrees, drugged and suffered the effects, and re-tested until the cows come home.

But we are still here. Here to take time to look outside and see something that makes us smile; here to read a book and laugh or cry; look upon a face or picture and see love.

But we are still here.

See you next year, same place, same time.

With all care and love,


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Same to one and all








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Canadian Sandy
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Beautifully put Donna. There is always so much to be thankful for. Hard times right now but they won't last forever. 

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We are still here. That's all that matters. 

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This is so accurate. If we are still he we have lots to be thankful for. Some did not make it to this point. We are still here.Thank God 

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Every day is a blessing. Love you all!

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