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Kras Mutation /Methionine and Glycine

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I am Kras positive...if there is anything odd, I will be the one to get it..lol. Anyway, I read and research a lot on diet, genetics, and everything under the sun related to this $!*&% of a disease. The corrolation between these two things in someone with a typical cancer vs someone with a Kras mutation is interesting and worth looking into. I have seen a push for Keto in reference to helping with effectiveness in chemo and cancer in general. The details of keto (particualrly the meat) go totally agains what should help someone like me with Kras mutation. Of course you have study after study but this particular detail stood out to me and I thought it was worth sharing for others to form their own opinions or research. If it helps one person then it was worth putting out there. I have cut back on foods high in methionine and I have started to supplement with glycine. Wishing you all the happiest Turkey day ever!!  I am so thankful and grateful for each one of you here who have supported, uplifted and just held my hand on this crazy ride. Love, light and huge hug to all of you!!

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I am KRAS positive too--"non-wild" whatever that means. Every oncologist has downplayed this mutation and said its only relevant in determining what kind of chemo works best--I have yet to find an oncologist that thinks what foods/supplements you ingest has any effect on cancer. I read about the methionine as well, as I found it was in the glucosamine chondroitin supplement I was taking --cut tha tone out fast! I did see that beer is low in methionine which made me happy LOL. 

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The healthful effects of beer.  Maybe I should pop open another one!

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Cancer is a wild card and a crap shoot. We have so many environmental factors as well as genetic factors that come in to play with each of us in unique ways. There is no way any oncologist can customize a treatment plan with the limited amount of time he spends with each patient. 99% will shout CHEMO from the top of the mountain but NONE of them want to discuss diets, alternative therapy or supplement benefits alone or added in with standard chemo treatment. There are some but not very many. Methionine is HIGH in meat and dairy products which is the main consumption in the Western diet. I keep an open mind and I am as skeptical about miracle cures as the next person. I will share this. Since surgery, chemo, etc.., I have had achiness in my liver and incision area. While I ate fairly decent, I still consumed meat and dairy. I actually tried keto which is suppose to be good for cancer but I felt like crap on it. Once I quit eating meat and dairy and started with the glycine supplements, a LOT changed. My sleep improved1000%. The achiness I would feel in my stomach and liver around my incision is completely gone. The puffiness in my stomach is completely gone. I feel soooo much better. I don't think I will EVER eat meat or dairy again. I may keel over tomorrow but as of today, I feel better than I have in a long time...no chemo, no meat and no dairy. To each his own but this is working for me. Hugs to all...M

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I was not knowledgeable about Glycine, it sounds like it may have anti cancer properties by blocking blood supply to cancers, that  it fascinating.  I will definitely give it a try, and I already do not do dairy , will have to buckle down and cut out meat as well. So happy to hear you are feeling good, that is everything!!

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I have been researching amino acid therapy and it does seem a good thing to do.

It feels good to be on the right road for yourself, huh?!

Yes, oncologists sell chemo, surgeons sell surgery and surgery is the curative goal.

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I believe in medicine the diet is still a developing field except for diabetes, obesity or hypertension doctors dont know a lot about diet and most of the gimes dont encorage it. I took some courses for it and it was interesting that diet can even influence MS. But I also know good doctors who tell to not worry a lot. My dads oncologist said that he should eat whatever he wants to earn weight while my aunt was shaking her head and scolding the doctor. My dads neurologist also said that his sickest patients are the ones who eat the "healthiest". As far as I know is that the whole diet is still a developing field. The same is the gut microbiome...

So a methionine low diet is good for KRAS mutated colon cancer? 

I think with diet we just have to look what feels best...

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