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First ultrasound

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I've never had an ultrasound done on my Kidneys before. 


What is bosniak? Do I need a full bladder for the ultrasound? 


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Bay Area Guy
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I think every kind of kidney imaging needs a full bladder.  I had it with both ultrasound and CT..

Here's an explanation of the Bosniak rating system.  It's a way of classifying masses in your kidneys.


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Ajter 5 years of CTs I have these every year or so for a small clear cell cyst on righty. Eighteen plus yeas NED from the Neph in 2002.






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iceman,hope you and your family doing well.you are always an encourgement to us . but i would like to know how you keep your kidney function down. I guess i need to give up coffee. ugh .you are very knowlegeable on this . thanks    REE

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I remember my surgeon/urologist telling me 'no special diet, everything in moderation'. It's been 7 years since my neph and my function with one kidney is around 70. Not bad for a solitary one, has stepped up to the plate.

Posts: 31
Joined: Oct 2020

Thank you. I'll make sure to drink a lot of water before I go. Also thanks for the link! I appreciate it. 


I've never needed a full bladder with a CT scan that is interesting. 

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