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Life & Legacy of September Cheng

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My mom has recently passed on Nov 1, 2020.  I was next to her when she took her last breath.  I know she's in a better place now.  

Thank you for all the years of support that I've gotten on here.  Now I will be busy with closing her accounts and such which is harder and stressful than you could imaging.  

I wish you luck for those that are still fighting.  Family members of those with colon cancer should get a colonoscopy more often so that they can catch it earlier.

I've also created a memorial website for my mom.  I'm also going to post up all the relevent medical information on to the website as well.  Hopefully it can help someone somewhere.


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My condolences.  I am confident your Mother appreciated your help and company.

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My heart is sad to hear your news. 

I know from experience how hard it is to go through all the legal stuff while all you want to do is spend time mourning.  But, you are a strong person, and will take care of buisiness and then honour your mum when you have moments to pause. 

I went to visit your site. So very impressed with your mother's last gift. I am lost for words. 

My thoughts are with you. 


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Sorry for your loss 

Tom M.
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So very sorry about your Mothers passing. May she rest in peace and may God grant you the strength to handle all that comes your way.

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I hope we all meet your mother in heaven when itis our turn!!

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I'm so sorry for your loss.  May you find comfort somehow during this most difficult time.  Thank you for being a part of our board.


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Your mom must have been so proud of how hard you fought for her and how much you loved her. 

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Im glad your mom is at peace, and sad that you have to bear that loss after such a fight. The website sounds like a wonderful tribute, I go to my wife's Facebook page just to see her smiling face and talk to her for awhile on message. It's nice to have that place to access any time, or any where. I wish you well.......................................Dave

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