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Hip Problems from Radiation

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Almost 3 years ago to the day I was DX with Avascular Necrosis in the right hip- that joint part that goes into the hip socket just up and died on me.  My ortho surgeon told me it was from the radiation and he would not be surprised if the same thing happened in in the left hip.


Now, three years later the left hip is shot and I need a new ball in that one.


The hip problem has caused me to postpone getting my AUS cuff repaired.  


:)  Prostate Cancer- the cancer that keeps on giving!!  


I see the  ortho doc this Wed- day before Thanksgiving to get a surgery date.  


Mr Rogers never prepared me for this stuff.

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Sorry to read this, Trew.  The good news is that hip replacement surgery is pretty routine these days, and the recovery is reasonably quick, with solid long-term mobility results.  My mother, who is 90 years old, had a hip replacement this year, and she was up and about in a short period of time.

It is certainly appropriate to note and continue to advise folks here that PCa radiation therapy can have some significant side effects that appear years after the treatments have been completed.  Folks should be aware of this, when they consider PCa therapeutic treatment options.

I recently celebrated my one year anniversary for my left shoulder replacement, resulting from necrosis and collapse of the ball going into the shoulder socket. But mine was related to a scuba diving accident 30 years ago.

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Treatment for PCa isn't like getting a shot of penicilin for an invections, that is for sure.


Patients do need to understand PCa is a life theatening condition and there very well may be long lasting side effects and some side effects that don't show up for years.   

But like you say, Joseph, life has lots of side effects and many old injuries come back to bite us later on down the road.





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Radiation was part of my cancer treatment.  Stage iv into the bladder neck.  

Last year I had a colonoscopy.  When it was done the doctor told me she didn't want to see me again.  

The doctor told me my colon was stiff and she had to move me in all kinds of positions to do the procedure.  It was not a normal  scoping at all.  

Just another side effect of radiation.  So it goes.  It's nice to be alive complications be what they may.

PCa at age 60 and I am now a month from being 72.  


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