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Recurring medulloblastoma in grandson

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September 2018 our 7 year old grandson was diagnosed with medulloblastoma. Everything was going well until October of 2019 when Cat scan showed a small tumor had reemerged. 

They treated with a different type of chemo but it was ineffective. he started having motor function issues with speech etc and they went to hospitol to have it checked, but the father

and the grandson both had covid. They had to wait 14 days then go back for an MRI. The results had showed that small spots of the cancer had spread in the brain. Now they have prescribed 

immunotherapy with the chemo consisting of Irinotecan+Temodzolomide+everolimus.... They have also given him cortizone which has increased his appetite and he has gained 9 lbs in the last week.

I have read that the prognosis for reccurance is very poor. All we can do is remain strong. They are in Italy and we are in USA, it's really sad we want to be in Italy for support but due to covid that is not

possible.. I assume the last stage is clinical trial which this therapy is.. It's hard to stay away from statistics and thats what makes this so painful to accept. All we can do is pray and hope for a miracle...




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