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Request for prayers and good vibes for Phil64

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Joined: Jan 2013

Our forum friend, Phil (phil64) has contacted COVID and along with that, is battling Pneumonia.

He has battled the beast, Stage IV Cancer, and is winning that battle; but the COVID has bought him down, and he needs the prayers and vibes of his friends.

I figured as many people who know about it and care about him, that can pray for him, or send him the best of vibes through the essence of this earth, the better. 

Thank you all for your support.  


Posts: 405
Joined: Apr 2018

Will include him in my daily and nightly prayers..Has anyone heard from Butt lately?

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Posts: 1177
Joined: Apr 2017

My best wishes to Phil for a quick and complete recovery.

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Posts: 696
Joined: May 2013

Are being sent to Phil I hope he recovers soon!!!!

Annabelle41415's picture
Posts: 6711
Joined: Feb 2009

Prayers are being said.  He hasn't been on in awhile, but he is a great asset to this forum. Wishing him well and a speedy recovery.


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Joined: Jan 2010

Prayers for all who have covid-19, particularly our friends here.  May there soon be an end to this pandemic.

Tom M.
Posts: 181
Joined: May 2019

Remembering you in our prayers Phil. Keep up the good fight.

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Canadian Sandy
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Joined: Jul 2016

Prayers sent to you Phil. Hope your better soon.

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Joined: Feb 2020

I am sending my prayers and good wishes at well. Hopefully he recovers soon

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